L Miles Building Services will work with you from planning to build to ensure that your property will be exactly how you want it to be. Our team of experts are committed to following safety measures before doing any work, as well as ensuring that the materials we are using are safe and of the highest quality.


Our team of builders will discuss with you the process of constructing new builds whilst considering your budget or planning permission. L Miles Building Services offer reasonable prices for new houses build depending on the size of the project, which includes the styling, planning services and main execution.


1. Style and design – You can either send us a rough draft of how you envisioned it or you can meet with our recommended architects and engineers to guide you with the project and we’ll make sure to make it happen.
2. Planning before constructing– It is important for us to know the client’s needs and specific requests to build a great team. We always confirm details before starting the project to avoid committing mistakes and to also save time, energy and money.
3. Execution – After making sure that all the details we gathered are clear and accurate, we execute the construction by using only high-quality materials and experienced builders.


L Miles Building Services is an established and trusted building company for the past three generations of builders. Homeowners, authorities, businessmen and architects are the people who regularly entrusts projects to us. From building the simplest to complex work, no matter what the size of the project is, our team of trained and highly skilled builders carry it out using premium grade materials. If you don’t have a definite blueprint, we have recommended architects and engineers who can help you conceptualise your visions to produce a viable plan. Most importantly, we prioritise projects to be done on time without compromising the quality of our work.
With L Miles Building Services we make sure to meet all your requirements and turn your vision to reality. We would be thrilled if you give us the opportunity to talk through your project today. For FREE quotes and other enquiries, feel free to ring us at 0800 2922159 or get in touch with us through rossonwyebuilding@email.com.

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I employed Lee and his team to take on a large house building project. From start to finish the team were excellent. Quality workmanship, advice and efficiency led to the project being completed on time and the house selling almost instantly. Would have no problem recommending L Miles Building Services and have already taken them on for my next project.

Mr Williams, Hereford