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Groundwork Contractors

Groundworks prepare the foundation and sub-surfaces of a construction area. They are usually carried out during the initial stage of a construction project. At L Miles Building Services, we provide our commercial and residential clients a range of groundworks solutions, from site clearance to service works.


Some of the aspects of groundworks may include:

Ground investigation

Identifying the past uses of the land, stability and potential problems is a crucial part of starting construction. In light of this, a ground investigation is carried out as a matter of good practice and as a legal requirement of most local authorities. These investigations usually include assessments for hydrogeology, geology, hydrology, soil conditions and contaminated land issues. Doing so provides the contractors with data, which can be used for effective design and consideration for potential defects or issues.

Site clearance

This is undertaken to prepare the site for construction. During this process, any unwanted materials and rubbish must be removed from the site. However, proper care should be taken to ensure that approvals are in place, particularly for trees and other vegetation that need to be protected. After clearing the site, the ground should be levelled and prepared for the planned works.

Substructure and ground stabilisation works

Substructure is defined as the structural work below ground level. It transfers the load of the structure to the layers of soil or rock beneath that have sufficient bearing capacity and suitable settlement traits. Foundations, excavations, basements and sub-floors are some elements of this area.

Site services

These include temporary and permanent drainage and utility connections. Some construction sites with complex works may need specialist tunnelling or shaft sinking solutions to allow service ducts and cables to be installed. Through site services, existing water and electricity connections can also be modified.

Why choose us?

Draining systems, foundation work, excavation and demolition are important aspects of any construction project. It plays a vital role in achieving a safe and durable structure, minimising any potential risks or damage in the future. Having said this, you need to make sure that the contractor you will choose is fully qualified and has extensive experience when it comes to groundworks.

L Miles Building Services is an established and trusted building company providing high-quality workmanship for both domestic and commercial clients. Offering a range of building and groundwork services in Ross on Wye, our team of skilled builders can carry out any projects using the finest materials. For any enquiries or to get a free quotation, please complete the form above.

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